Our guest Tim, shares semi-anonymously about his experiences with an unexpected pregnancy, as a new father, and a truth about his life that changed everything. It’s a story that reminds us how to move forward through life’s challenges, and how to face the most impossible decisions without regret. 

No one’s life turns out perfect. Nothing works out exactly the way that we’ve planned or expected, but the question is what we do with our mistakes, or those moments that force us into difficult decisions, or different paths.  There are so many experiences in life that can injure us, leave us weaker, scared or less. Like Tim said, everyone reacts differently. Some people suffer a tragedy or loss and never really recover. Others are still able to see beauty and possibility and grateful for what they’ve had.

This is an episode is about life turns and those unforeseen, unexpected challenges. Betrayals and loss. The real-life concoction of beauty and pain, the way that many of our experiences of love, can also have a shadow.

About Face is a member of Bear Radio, the premier English speaking podcast network of Berlin. 

In this episode you the songs, “Your Shattered Outline” and “The Memory Changes Every Time I Remember,” by The Space Where She Was.

Also, “Different Angles” by the artist, Ketsa with rights from the Free Music Archive.