I want to start at the beginning, with birth. This episode is about birth stories, the challenge of birth, motherhood and parenthood, and the potential of discovery in this process.  In the first part, I will share my own story about a traumatic birth, my experience in the silence around birth, and the feeling that, though it is universal, it can be a solitary and isolating experience. I sought out the visual artist and writer, Carmen Winant, to talk about her work, My Birth, the powerful installation at the MOMA, the missing and misrepresentations of birth in cultural representations, as well as the challenges in the transition into motherhood. In addition to birth, we also talked about feminism in motherhood, and the potential for political action around these specific women’s issues, birth, and parenting.

For more information about Carmen Winant here is a link to her website: carmenwinant.com

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Music for this episode was provided by Miss Kenichi.