About Face is an interview and storytelling podcast featuring guests who have gone through a major turning point, a shift, a decision, or event that made them who they are today.

Have you gone through an experience that changed the course of your life? Do you remember that exact day, that moment, when some decision or event completely changed who you are today?  This is a podcast about the people left their home countries, took a risk, walked out on a marriage, or made a very big decision, to stay exactly where they were. Some people have had major change forced upon them, like infidelity or death, that caused them to move on in a different direction.

This is a podcast about turning points, but more, what we do with them and who we become. It’s about our challenges and courage, and our will to evolve. These are stories about who we were and who we are now.


24 thoughts on “Teaser Episode

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  2. I love this post. And you’re right, so many people say “Leave comments!” but no one tells you HOW. I get comments on mine that are just “Nice article”, 
    which is nice validation, but I much prefer getting questions because it shows the commenter actually read the post – plus it’s a great source of potential topics that demonstrate an interest in THOSE areas!

  3. Thank you for the kind words and the unique perspective. (I’ve never been to Brazil. Do you love it there?)
    Blogging is my favorite reading medium, too. (Granted, I’m usually reading about sports, but it still counts as reading, right?) Those who do it well, like Jon, Glen, and the others here at Smart Blogger, are worth their weight in gold. 

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